About Us

The Journey OF Paris De Boutique


Design Concept stores are aplenty in Kerala, but Paris De Boutique had a head start on everyone else. Just like the City of Paris has become the capital of global fashion, the name 'Paris De Boutique' has become the synonym of unique fashion trends in Kerala. It all began in 1954 by the business group founded by Mr. B K Muhammed, a visionary. For the people who were tired of the mass market fashion, the group created a space to experience freshness and difference. It presented newness of ideas, designs and style. His sons Anil Muhammed and Jamal Muhammed, grown up with a passion for designs, became renowned fashion designers in the state. The designer duo took the business to next levels, with their exclusive designs.

`A & J Designs, named after Anil and Jamal reached another milestone when they launched Paris Dress City in Kochi in 1994. Anil and Jamal were the first designer team to venture into boutique business in Kerala. Today, with a chain of boutiques in main cities of Kerala, Paris De Boutique continues to be a beacon of avant-garde and high-end fashion.

The eclectic taste Paris De Boutique has to offer is widely sought after by clients from here and abroad. Paris De Boutique sells experiences, not garments. Every piece is specially curated, customized and made for hearts. We are proud to have over 4 lakhs of satisfied customers for our quality fabric and unique styling. Paris De Boutique has been a signature in the elegant weddings and other celebrations across the state. For any moments to cherish, the designers in Paris De Boutique offer unique creations.

Though it began as a place to adorn femininity, Paris De Boutique later started catering to other segments too. Men’s Designer Boutique and Wedding Hub are the two prestigious projects the group launched after Paris De Boutique. It has forayed into e-commerce and educational sector too. The flagship store Paris de Boutique now offers online shopping experience too.  The journey of Paris De Boutique is a saga of success; because it is run by an unending quest for innovation in fashion.

VISION - We project ourselves to be global leaders in exclusive designer wears. Our vision is to create a global fashion store that can offer superior design, quality and value to the consumer.

MISSION - We strive to innovate, to lead, to enhance and to provide best style statement products and services to customers. We accomplish this by being committed to offering great service and real value to our business partners and customers.


  • Customer-centric: We strive to exceed customer expectations, providing unique creations.
  • Responsible: We are responsible to our society, customers, staff and all other stakeholders.
  • Innovation: Genuine ideas make us different. We promote genuine ideas to create the best.
  • Perfection: We ensure perfection in every product and service.